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    Angry swing shift diet

    I work a swing shift and ive heard its best to take your meal around the same time each day but with me thats not possible. I work a 12 hour shift days then nights should i just take my meals when im working nights like when im working days. example

    days-7:30 breakfast, 10:00 snack,12:00 lunch 2:00 snack 5:00 supper then a pre bed snack

    nights just at 7:30 pm instead of am start like i do on days?
    this would work but when i work off of midnights its at 6:30 in the mourning then i usualy sleep about 4 hrs and back in bed about 11. anybody else work swing shift?

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    That's hard to work around, but you'll do it if you're determined enough...

    I'd suggest removing the 'snacks' and replacing them with whole meals...

    What are you goals, stats, etc?

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    Do your eating for the day during your waking hours, just pretend it's all the same.

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