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    Whats The Deal With Sugars?

    Why are they so bad? Are they converted straight to fat? Aren't they related to simply carbs somehow... Somebody explain please

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    Sugars can make or break you. They are great after a good workout because they restore glycogen that you just burned off during your workout and they also spike your insulin which also carries nutrients to your muscles. Simple carbs like sugars found in fruits, juices, soda, table salt and so on are digested very quickly and if not used by the body(post workout or when needed) they will be stored as fat for energy. Carbs like flour, breads, pasta, can often have the same effect but can also be slower burning depending on the source of carbs.
    Carbs like oatmeal and yams are slower burning and are great if you need the energy but not a sudden spike of insulin. I like oatmeal in the morning for this reason.
    Fiber is a carb that is great for you but has no caloric effect on you because it cant be digested. Its a good staple because it can make you feel full for longer and it does a good job at cleaning your digestive path.
    That's just the basics of it, but hope it helps.
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