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    Help getting my diet straight.

    I have read the cutting sticky, (actually have it hangin on my fridge). Iam still trying to work out all the details and start to follow it more acurately and I have a couple of questions. First I know my body needs fat in order to burn fat and I know currently I am not getting much if any fat at all in my diet. Does anyone know of a website or somethin where I can learn about "good fat" so I can include the right kind of fat into my diet ? and when it refers to protein, I don't know how to differentiate lean protein from any other protein. How can I tell that the protein I am consuming is lean or not. Thanks.

    If anyone cares I am 25, 5'10", 238lbs, have no idea about bodyfat must be outrageous. Was on a low-carb diet, worked for a while I dropped just under 30 lbs in about 10 weeks, now I have hit a major platuea and haven't lost or gained any in a month. I take eca, green tea and protein shakes but that's all as far as supp's. 45 mins cardio in the am 4 times a week.

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    just google "EFA's" and you'll find plenty of good sources of fat (exp. flax seed olil, almonds, natty PB, Olive OIl)

    lean protein referures to sources of complete proteins that are just protein, not fat carbs and protein, like chicken, whey, tuna, turkey, some deli meats, ext.


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