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    diet on mild cycle

    i am currently on hormone replacement thearapy. the doc recogmended 200 mg of cyp and 200 mg of deca having ran several cycles in the past i know that test should be ran higher than deca.i was going to run a full cycle but im waiting on a tore rotator cuff to heal and am concentraiting on legs arms and abs.. i decided to run 300 mg of cyp a week front loaded with 40 mg of prop ed. and 240 mg of deca thought this might help my shoulder to diet is clean and only 3 to 4 thousand and allready putting on fat . im 40 years old and in my third week of probably 12 to 15 percent fat. i have allways strugled to stay lean but have had real trouble since last cycle. HOW SHOULD I EAT?

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    On cyp and deca , you are going to be one bloated individual.

    I'd check the stickies atop the page for good guides on how to set up eating schedules based on your goals. HRT or not, diet is #1.


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    4000 calories is a lot... if you want to cut bodyfat, check out the cutting sticky at the top of the diet forum like SC suggested. Cardio 5x/week on an empty stomach will do wonders also.

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