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    Cool Diet whilst on 2nd cycle, advice please!


    I'm fairly new to this site, I was wondering if you guys could evaluate my diet regime (whilst on my second cycle) and let me know if I'm doing ok or I'm totally off track!?!?


    25 yrs old
    14-15% BF
    Weights 4 times a week
    CV work 4 times a week (30-45 mins each time to burn 500-800 cals)

    Currently starting cycle number 2:

    Deca 400mg 1-10wk
    Sust 500mg 1-10wk
    Dianabol 30mg/day 1-4wk
    Vit B6 200mg daily


    8am - Oatmeal Porridge mixed with 2-3 scoops of PRO-MASS
    10am - Met-RX protein shake and Protein bar
    Noon - 2 cans Tuna with sweet corn or grated cheese
    2pm – Protein flapjack
    4pm - training (30mg ephedrine tablet and carb drink before work out)
    6pm – PRO-MASS shake after work out
    630pm - Dinner (Steak or Chicken or Fish with side salad)
    8pm - Fruit or health snack
    10-11pm - Met-RX protein shake before bed

    Any advice or criticisms welcome and appreciated


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    it looks like you are going for a cutting approach.

    check out the cutting sticky at the top of the page. It will guide you on creating your cutting diet.

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    You need to eat WAY more. Read the bulking sticky. I have no idea how many pounds 84kg is and I'm too lazy to look it up. But I'm sure you're not cutting with Deca and Sust. Also read more about when to do those and how. Sust should be run longer than the Deca, and injected more than once a week.

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    lol im not telling :D
    ROFL cutting/bulking in same thread im confused! c
    cut out fruits try to keep it simple w/ good whoslem low G.I. I.I. foods
    back off supplements and eat real food as much as possible

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