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    question on bulking

    i recently stopped running and am tryign to bulk. i know you are supposed to raise your calories slowly. but ive been starving... like im just hungrier... what should i do? should i just drink more water and slowly raise my calories as needed. or just eat my 6-7 meals a day plus when im hungry. keep in mind im upping my calories from about 2000. i took in about 3200 yesterday simply cause i was starving... how bad would it be for my bulk if i kept this up. would i put on too much fat?

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    Read the bulking sticky, that should answer most if not all your questions.

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    3200 calories is not that much at all... what are your stats?

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    depends on micro aspect of nutritional values. what kinda foods are you eating? are you spltting fat/pro and carb/pro meals?

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