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Thread: critique diet

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    critique diet

    trying to bulk.

    meal 1
    2 whole eggs 3 egg whites
    2 english muffins

    meal 2
    2 cans of tuna
    1 tbsp natty pb

    meal 3 PWO shake is myoplex original shake

    meal 4 PPWO
    60g of protein worth of chicken
    4oz wheat pasta
    some vodka sauce(i know... its bad)

    meal 5
    2 cans of tuna

    meal 6
    lean steak

    and thats it for a usual day. instead of celery or spinach i might take some flax or safflower oil. just depends on how im feeling.

    im gonna be upping the carbs a little bit more probably in meal 6 with anohter 4oz of wheat pasta with the sauce if i dont gain good weight on this.

    and i should be hungrier throughout the whole day with snacks. taking ON protein shakes. and just meat if i find some lying around haha...

    im 18
    6 2
    guessing around 10% body fat

    my pics are in the member pics forum if you wanna take a look

    big question im having is im working out 4 days a week... can i keep the same diet, minus the myoplex shake, on the days i dont go to the gym?

    and if i go to the gym on an off day just to do cardio i will do taht as soon as i wake up... and then start my meal plans off after that.

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    I would suggest reading the bulking sticky again.

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