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    Abs and diet question

    I know that to see your abs, it's all diet. I noticed something today though. I am real lean everywhere except for my stomach. It bulges out. It never did when I was younger, but I figured I gained some fat and I had to lose it to flatten it out.

    Today I tightened up my stomach and tried to grab the skin to see how much fat was there. I have a decent amount of fat there, but not as much as I thought. I think that alot of my problem is that my stomach muscles are not real tight letting everything bulge out.

    I need to tighten up the muscles that hold everything in and tight. What is the best way to do this? I started doing vacuums everyday, but is that enough? Do you think that the fat that is there is pulling on my stomach making it sag worse? I hate when I wear a snug shirt and on a profile view, you can see my stomach bulging out.

    This might sound dumb, but I thought about bying an inversion table just to reverse the effects of gravity once in awhile. Don't know if that would help or not. Anyone ever try that?

    When you have fat in your stomach area, is it only the surface or is there also a good amount behind organs pushing your stomach out?

    I think that my problem is part fat and part bulge. More bulge than fat though.

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    Cardio and diet are the keys to good abs. Not much else I can think of to help.

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    im in the same boat bro, ive bee doing cardio 4 times a week, abs 3 times a week, on a cutting diet, and on sesathin,lean xtreme heat stack, its only been a week, ill let u know how it goes, i not even looking for results intill a month, hopefully if i wait then look ill see my progress better, as aposed to looking every day(its hard not to look every sec)

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    Exersise really makes the ripples pop out. Also if your abs are stronger, you tend to hold your stomach in more because its tighter.

    That being said, for 99% of guys out there, they have alyers of fat hiding thier abs, and until you get rid of it, nothing else will help.

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    CLA helps reduce belly fat. also look into exercises that work the transverse abdominus, the layer of muscle that lays across the sbdomen. try the birdge maneuver or lying with your lower back flat on teh ground as long as you can...sounds stupid but it works. also try keeping your abs flexed when you walk and stuff like that; use them when you normally wouldnt. buy a medicine ball to help bulk them up a bit, and yes diet is key. but try working them 2-3 times a week and eat right. use teh CLA if you want to. but do some weighted ab exercises to make them bulge. this si what i do and it works

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