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Thread: the libido

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    Arrow the libido

    do you guys notice huge decrease in libido when you are lowering your calories to lose fat? I noticed that I don't get erections as frequent and sometimes I even have some trouble getting it up.....

    When I'm bulking though, everything seems to come back fine. So, what gives?

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    Getting Fat
    Eat more EFA's. . .

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    had the same problem... but now im bulking!!

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    taken from an article by bill misner

    Diet and caloric intake influence the amount of Testosterone produced. Diets higher in protein, cholesterol, saturated fat, and total fat content tend to maintain higher Testosterone levels . One study[1] showed that decreasing fat calories from 40% to 25% while decreasing saturated fat and increasing polyunsaturated fats led to decreases in both total Testosterone[-18%] and free unbound Testosterone levels[-15%]. Upon resuming the original higher fat intake, Testosterone levels returned to original values. Subjects in this study ate -500 fewer calories on the lower fat diet, implicating both fat selection and caloric restriction with decreased Testosterone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypertrophy
    Eat more EFA's. . .
    Hyper nailed it. EFA's are required to keep hormone levels balanced. If you do not have enough EFA's available your body cannot as easily keep up with demand.

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