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    Question Big

    Satrting To Bulk...Protein, Creatine, Fish Oil, Glutamine, ALA, CLA, and I'm eating about 3000 calories a day i am cardio about 2x a week and working out 5 days a week. I'm in college so my time is precious. what am i missing to make this work for me for the summer (about 3 1/2 months)??? any help would be appreciated im 19, weigh 165 pounds, and have 7 % body fat. any suggestions/tips/pointers for me..LIFT BIG & REST HARD is all i got...thanks God Bless

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    split your meals into protein/fats and protein/carbs. dont have meals with fats AND carbs in them (at least not a lot of both). try to get 2grams of protein per pound of your body weight. so you would need like 360ish max. get low GI carbs, brown rice yams oatmeal wholewheat in your normal carb/protein meals. your protein/fat meals should have lean meat with fats that contain EFAs so almonds peanuts or other nuts, natural peanut butter, flax oil, fish oil etc go with a lean protein. a lot of people like tuna, but i dont. grilled chicken/turkey works really well for me. also brisket and salmon can be used on fat meals. good luck with your bulking, im 12 pounds heavier and trying to do the exact same thing you are.

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