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    where are my abs

    Ok I started a cycle at about 12/13% bodyfat. I never saw my abs and now im feeliing fat as **** on this test-e. I eat ok but not perfect.

    Should I bother worrying about em now(I dont wanna get fatter) or should wait till its all over and cut hard like a mutha.

    I keep a food diary of what all I eat and use to check out each item. I also weigh my food out 80% of the time.
    I dont think im taking in too many cals but each person is diff. in the way they burn.

    Should I cut back if I think my gains are fat or keep going?

    Any suggestions?

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    feeling fat and being fat are two very different things. You could just be getting bloated. cardio 3xwk 30 mins even with a bulk diet helps keep bloat/excess fat off. also try lowering your sodium intake.

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