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Thread: Pork Souvlakis?

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    Pork Souvlakis?

    Here's the nutritional info for pork souvlakis:

    Per 1 souvlaki:

    Protein 15g
    Carbs 2g
    Fat 2g
    Sodium 320mg

    Now if you eat 4, you get 60g protein, 8g carb and 8g fat!!!

    Would that be a problem in a cutting diet? (Except for the high sodium content)

    They sell 4packs for 5$ at my grocery store.

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    Pork is digusting IMO (bacon excluded). Its dirty, has lots of fat(although this dish doesnt seem to), and it comes from something that rolls around in the mud all day long. There's three strikes against it right there. Stick to beef and poultry, and some fish.

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