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    Trying to get extra shredded for summa time

    Sup guys been gone for a while had to move and all that great stuff. Well here is the diet before i begine i want to tell ya that my body reacts bad to carbs weather tey are complex or simple. im lifting 4 days a week and doing cardio about 2 times a week for 30 mins. Im eatin readmeat 2-3 times a week to help keep the muscle wheingin in at about 180 my abs are breaking but i wanna be shredded. im also takeing efferscent creatine and glutamin, also a multi, alph lipolic acis , amino acid caps and Vitamin C and B-12

    830 9 egg whites i pack of oat meal

    11 am. 1 can of tuna

    130 pm 1 scoop whey in water 110 cals

    2-4 in the gym

    sometime B/W 3:30 and 4pm 250 cal recovery shake milk casin

    6pm 4-5 oz chicken breast 1 cup brocclie

    9pm same as 6pm or i will have sirlon to substitute

    12. 2 scoop whey in water
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    Diet needs tons of improvement, the stickies atop the forum can help.

    Cardio for 30 mins twice a week won't do jack.

    I'm about to do my second 45 minute session TODAY, with my 1st coming a.m. on empty. You'll wanna move to get lean.


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