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    time 4 sum action

    im a 23 yr old former athlete that just finished my 5 years playing football at teh university of delaware. i have been training intensly for many years, but i have been doing football lifting and its all i know. my new plan is to get in the gym, hit it just as hard as i was when i was playin, except just modify my workout to more of a body sculpting workout. also dieting is a huge issue, i am 6'2'' 250, with 16% body fat. my body type is meso/endo2. eating everything while playin football is encouraged because u need as much fuel as u can possibly get and we didnt really worry about what type of food we eat just as long as it wasnt expensive and we didnt go hungry (college is a muthaf**** on teh wallet) so what i am really asking is for someone to take pity on my poor soul and help guide me in teh right direction of a better workout and a diet so i can drop my body fat and see the whoel six pack, not just the top 4. email me, send a messanger, gimme call, write it down put it in a bottle, whatever. its time for some action. thanx

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    hey bro welcome to the board., Take a look at the Threads that say important atop the diet forum. They are just what you are looking for.

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