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    Want To Learn More-please Help!!

    I was just surfin and found this site. Seems to be alot of good info on here. I was just wondering if someone could give me a rundown of a daily diet. I am on a budget but want to loose some fat. I have been lifting about 6 years but never was dedicated to do anything with my diet. I have made it a goal to eat right and get huge. I have about 20% bodyfat, maybe a little more. I am about 5'9 and 200lbs. I do have some good muscle but want more. I took about 6 months off because my machine broke. When I said a diet I meant a diet that is going to give my the protein I need to get huge. I have been eating about 7 times a day. Alot of eggs and protein shakes. I was also wondering about what might be good for me to take. I dont know crap about any of the stuff on here but want to learn. Sorry if I am asking stupid questions without doing any research but it is nice to have someones input. I want to be able to take my shirt off this summer and be proud. Hey, this is a great forum and I look forward to hearing from some of you guys, and gals! Thanks

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    Age/Weight/height/ goals ?

    Please give us a rundown of what you are eating now.

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