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    what do you think of this diet

    monday through saturday this is what i eat

    7:00 am 1 slice whaet toast and light butter
    then i hit the gym for two hours including 45 minutes of cardio
    i only workout each bodypart once a week

    9:30 am protein shake with tbs of peanut butter

    12:30 1 piece of grilled chicken 3/4 cup of steamed veggies 1 boiled egg

    3:00 pm 3/4 cup of veggies and 2 boiled eggs

    5:30 pm 2 boiled eggs

    6:30 pm dinner usually chicken sometimes steak fish about 3/4 pasta, rice or another side this meal is no more then 800 cal

    9:00 pm i have another protein shake
    with 1 tbs peanut butter

    on saturdays i try to stick to the diet but sometimes i end up going to the deli to get a sandwich.
    sundays i eat what i want but i still eat about 6 meals a day a i do cheat though

    22 yrs old 6'2'' 189lb and just for the record i lost 100lbs but because i was stupid and didnt lift i lost alot of muscle hopefully this diet is good enough
    any info is greatly appreciated thanks

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    Wrong forum, I'll move this to the diet section, this is the picture section.


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    BTW, it's HORRID.

    Check the stickes atop this page and choose the guideline that best suits your most immediate goals.

    Much room for improvement, much!


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