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Thread: 1000 cal meals

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    1000 cal meals

    Wanting to bulk clean, is it a bad idea to try and get a 1000 cal breakfast , lunch and dinner and then three 500 cal meals in between? Wanting to get 4000 cals a day or better.

    Im only... lets see, 173 this morning when I woke up. Im 5'8" too.

    Would that lead to becoming a fat ass real quick?

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    You'd store a good deal of each meal as fat most likely, as you can only utilize so much "energy" at once w/out the body storing the excess as fuel for later. (fat)


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    If you can eat more times a day. spread the meals out.

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    Damn.....1000 calorie meals. Reminds me of those XXL drinks.... like 1300 calories per drink.... like drinking syrup...

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