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    High GI Carbs BETTER then Low GI Carbs?

    Okay here we go.......

    I was thinking that consuming a High GI Carb source for every P+C meal of the day would be BETTER then consuming a Low GI carb source such as oats, beans, etc. Heres why..........

    If I have a Chicken Breast (Lean Protein Source) and some White Bread (High GI Carb Source) for any of my P+C meals. My insulin levels will go up, however, since theres ZERO fat w/ this meal and my carb total is at the right amt for me I will not store fat (Right?) This will also give me a nice anabolic spike etc etc.

    Also, another huge benefit is say my next meal would be a P+F meal. The carbs would w/o question be out of my system. If I take in oats or beans there is a chance, I assume, that some may still be around in my body burning away. And as we almost all know this would lead to an increase in bodyfat. Therefore high gi carbs would burn up faster leaving me w/ a btter chance to stay lean and giving me a larger "Anabolic" spike.

    I hope u can understand this jumble. Im more then likely dead wrong but I would like to read your thoughts.


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    IMO high GI carbs are good only in the morning and post workout.

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    im very interested in this post. will someone with the knowledge tell us if this works? i have always thought about this too. either do this or take insulin , but apparently im going to die if i take slin = (

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    Ingesting high gi carbs when your muscles are not "primed" for increased uptake, will lead to an insulin spike and most likely some fat storage (especially if you eat too much) as there is no where for the energy to go in such a quick time-frame other than fat stores after what is needed for blood glucose is used.

    High GI after a workout is key not only to CAUSE the spike of slin, but also because the muscles are primed to use all of this quickly available energy right away, w/out having to store some if it as fat for use at a later date.

    Controlling slin is the key to staying lean. You want long lasting energy from slow burning carbs over the course of the day anyhow, you don't want a high spike from slin, then a crash after, etc. etc., especially when you have the rest of the day to look forward to.


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    lol im not telling :D
    protein kan still be vert'd to fat from insuline if there is excess calorie intake
    say u take in 80g Pro you only absorb 70 there is an increased chance of fat conversion and a PLETHORA of ways for it to be de aminiated and stored as fat! man this was a hard ripost to use plethora in .. but i did it!

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