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    What to eat after cardio?

    I know about the pwo meals after training, but whats the right thing to eat after cardio? Also how long should u wait to eat after your cardio? Does the time of day u do cardio have any affect on eating? I try to do it in morning on an empty stomach, but sometimes i have to do it at lunch time.


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    If your cutting and did cardio for a reasonable time, your glycogen will be pretty much depleted.
    Many people will advice you not to eat carbs after your cardio, cause your body would then stop burning fat. But this is not true. The carbs you eat when you've depleted your glycogen level will not be used immediately as fuel. Instead your body will continue to burn fat for about 3 hours. So it would seem that glycogen resynthesis is of high metabolic priority.

    You will definitely want to consume some whey/bcaa's before and/or after your cardio. This will not interfere with your fat burning, and prevent protein degradation.
    And i always eat some carbs following cardio.

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    From what I understand, you dont normally deplete muscle glycogen levels with aerobic activity. I personally prefer to have a pro/fat meal post cardio while cutting. I believe if you are going to go pro/carb the recommended time frame is 45 mins or so after you finish in order to maximize lipolysis.
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    lol im not telling :D
    i do pro/fat 25min flax/whey then 1hrs later i have my 18eggwhites and 3 yolks~!

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