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    Looking To Gain Wieght/muscle.. Help!

    Looking For A Step By Step Meal Guide I Can Follow Day To Day..

    I Train 4-5 Times A Week..
    3 Days Weights And 2 Cardio..

    What Are The Best Things For Me To Eat..
    Ideally I Want To Gain Muscle Mass And Tone It?!

    If Anyone Can Hit Me With A Set By Step Guide ??


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    read the bulking stickies in the Diet forum.... that will help you out.

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    you prob wanna look into the lean bulk, depends on how well u gain weight, its all about trial and error, if u start a diet n get to "flabby" you gotta cut back, if ur not growing nough u gotta eat more, i know its not what u wanna hear but its true, read the lean bulk n bulk sticky ontop of the page, adjust ur workout accordingly, hit each muscle once a week, high weight low rep, use core exercises, and EAT EAT EAT, i mean thsts ur main focus, then u can add some suups in there to aid you, but dont start supps untill ur diet n workout is down, itll be a waste of money

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