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    critique my diet please

    Here it is:

    8:00 5 egg whites, 2 pieces of wheat bread and peanut butter or Total cereal

    10:00 50 grams protein(shake)

    12:00 1 can of tuna,3 egg whites,salad,and vegetables.

    2:00 30 grams of protein(balance bars)

    5:00 Chicken,meat and vegetables.

    7:00 Another shake or some fruit

    9:00 3 egg whites

    I think this diet could be better and I dont know what I should add on to it. What do you guys think?

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    What is this diet for? Cutting? Bulking?

    In either case, it's pretty crappy I must say.

    I'd check the RED IMPORTANT posts atop this page and select the tutorial that best addresses your goals and utilize the guidelines within to construct a plan of attack.

    Good luck!


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    not good at all IMO. State your goals, wt, etc.

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    lol im not telling :D
    wow 50g Protein shake by its self.. im in awe..

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