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Thread: favorite fats

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    favorite fats

    hi, during my 6 days of hardcore dieting (sometimes only 5) during a normal week i only have two kinds of fats. natural peanut butter and flax seed. is this okay? i notice a lot of people like to do steak/veggies so im here to ask a question. what kinds of veggies? are we takling broccoli or what? and do they serve a purpose that flax doesnt? thats about it, other than that i have go the diet down, up 14 pounds, 3 weeks naturally LBM.

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    If the purpose is to shed body fat then green veggies are the veggies of choice because they are high in fiber and keep you full for a longer period of time as opposed to other veggies, as far as fat goes, natty PB and flax is good but you could also incorperate almonds and avocados as well, those are both excellent sources of healthy fats.

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    I eat almonds like its my job when im cutting...I can't stand liquid flax, i have ot take the pills, it makes me gag

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