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    Egg whites and cramps while running?

    I usually get cramps when i have yogurt or something before running. I was wondering if people get the same kind of side cramps when the eat egg whites before running?

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    right behind ya
    I cramp up in my sides when i eat before running as well... Stick to BCAA's and glutamine pre-cardio. If you are training for a sport, try to eat at least an hour before you run...

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    I don't run, but cramps wouldn't be caused by yogurt or egg whites.

    It would however be caused by excessive physical output, lack of hydration, and a sodium/magnesium imbalance.

    Not sure why you are "running", but if it's for fat loss that's a very bad idea. Eating before is an even worse idea.


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    No its not for weightloss. Its a speed workout. I do cardio in the am for fat loss. So swolecat 6 egg whites and 1/2 cup oatmeal shouldnt cramp me up? Ive never tried it i usually have a shake before i run

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