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    Cheating whilst cutting

    Can you cheat while cutting, or is it a bad idea?

    & if you do cheat is it better to eat all the bad stuff in one sitting rather than spreading it out over the day?

    Lets say you wanna eat a fat greasy burger followed by a tub of ice cream - would it be better to seperate them or just pile it all into one sitting?

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    Cheating is ok, but how much to cheat depends on your body. I can get away with junk-food binges and still lose fat, but many people cannot. Personally, i all-out binge for just one meal - maybe 2, and only once a week.

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    for me personally i let loose one day a week and eat whatever i want all day and still remain cut, also if you are not planning to compete or doing photoshoots then letting loose one day a week is not going to hurt you, i let loose and have a little fun once a week, i mean you only live once and obsessing about your diet constantly is no fun, so if your strict 6 out of 7 days a week you will get good results.

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    Cheating once a week is good,it actually helps in resetting your metabolism. I usually add an extra couple hundred calories on a friday night,but during that time if i have any cravings ill drink abouit 8oz of fat free milk alog with 2slices whole wheat and 2 heaping tbsp penutbuter. High in healthy fats,not to high carbs,low in fats. But this is just something that works for me!!

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