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    hows this diet look for my cycle ??

    full bowl of oatmeal made with skim milk,strawberries,1 scoop whey protien
    2 scoops whey protien ,skim milk,fruit,uno flax oil,green powder

    salad with can of tuna..vinigar,uno flax ,lemon, tabasco,honey for dressing

    yogart and fruit or vegatables

    chicken or fish with vegatables...stir fry or oven cooked

    snack food like natural cheese popcorn,carrots,beef jerky

    im 6'2 190lbs..wanna hit about 205 but without a belly or high body fat ..
    i am doing my first test, deca cycle which started today

    is this enough protien ect. to meat me goals?? thanx all

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    You should have already had this worked out. Read the stickies at the top of the main page in the diet forum. I can't see any organization in your post, so I can't give an informed opinion, but I can tell that you need to do more research.

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