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    starting keto tomorrow need your support

    ive done atkins two years ago with great sucsess only i didnt know shit about anything i just went by the book, anyway my goal is to lose 70 pounds then switch slowly to a zone type diet with a mild dose of AS to kick start the gains this is what i have to fight carb cravings and binges

    kava kava
    nicorette nicotine patches 21 mg
    a ton of alpha lapoic acid
    twin labs ultra fuel (for carb ups)
    a few tubs of chocolate whey
    nyc/eca stacks i have about ten different ones
    phentermine 37.5 mg
    ** pondimin

    wow i have a shit load of supp's eh

    now here is my food intake

    b-fast eggs and bacon and a tablespoon of flax

    lunch chopped steak 12oz with a tablespoon flax

    dinner steak or chicken thighs tablespoon flax

    for snacks ill have a whey shake with a tablespoon of flax 2 times a day
    for drinks ill use caffeine free diet coke and or crystal lite and or water only

    should i carb up sat and sun ? ill use ulta fuel and skim milk to carb up, i dont really want to look forward to the carb up due to the fact im a chronic binge eater thats why im using ultra fuel and skim milk

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    I think it is important to carb up as the body needs it but it is down to the person doing the diet.Keep of a check of how your body is reacting and your general health

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    Where and how can I get my hands on that???????? I have looked all over for Pondimin and its as if it has become extinct!!! Please help!

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    Carb up on the day that better suites you. Just make sure to have 1 carb up day per week.

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    I'm with you brah! Not full out Keto though - just low carb/calorie, like the guys said I will carb up every so often to keep my thyroid awake and to replensish my muscle's [and brain's] ethusiasm. Cutting from 251.

    I did a full fledge KETO a few years back - and one thing I did notice is it reset my cravings for sugar. Even to this day I rarley buy a soda or eat useless calories. You hit the wall the first couple weeks but it gets easier as your body learns to except ketones as fuel. Expect a lot of water loss at first too.

    Just remember to get B-Vitamins from a Multi since your diet won't be more rounded.

    And depending on you and your somotype - you may want just one Carb up meal, rather than a full day. Do this with plenty of cardio and weight training so you burn those fat cells - not just shrink them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior
    And depending on you and your somotype - you may want just one Carb up meal, rather than a full day.
    That does make a major difference! Even Dave Palumbo recommends you only do a cheat meal and not a cheat day. But on that carb meal day, I would NOT take in all that flaxseed oil, but that's just me.

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