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    Can I cheat on a lift day?

    Hey whatsup guys, although it's a huge lifting day, I was gonna bang out shoulders and abs today. Can I cheat on this day (ie PPWO) or should I just skip lifting this day and just lift tommorrow on a non-cheat day?

    The more I think about it, the more I think I might just cheat today for the Yanks-Sox game, and lift tommorrow (which will be clean, well...except for the actual on saturday night)
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    right behind ya
    Nothing wrong with cheating on a lifting day...

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    lol im not telling :D
    dont go too crazy before you lift ... too much sat fats and sugars kan f' up your blood levels and stamina and give you all sorts of stamina issues...
    and make sure aftwards you still fallow proper pwo protocols

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    If the cheat doesn't contain too much fat I like to do it PPWO

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