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    Cardio AM after 2 hours class? good bad?

    On certain days I have an 8am class, which i get up at 7:40am to go to, and morning cardio is doable getting up at 6:30 but my question is if i go to class from 7:40 - 10:00 eat nothing (or possibly something small) and do cardio from 10:20 would it be ok or deterimental? I got this class 3 times a week and getting up early is a killer when i have to fit in 11 hour work days ontop of class.


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    honestly bro...i have the same thing right now
    and i also am doing am cardio...and i get up at 5:45am to do my 45 minutes of cardio...then hit class...

    you gotta kill yourself for this game...

    but im not sure maybe someone else has a different experience...

    dont forget breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you have to eat in the AM to get your metabolism want it kicking like a furnace by the time you would just be feeding it after your cardio.

    just my 2cents, good luck man.

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    I used to do the same thing until I kept flunking my classes that were 8am. I came to the assumption that I wasn't doing so great in the class because I didnt' eat anything and my brain was "shut off". I don't know if anyone else has that problem? Now I get my ass outa bed at 6am to do 45-1hr of cardio then get ready, eat breakfast, then I'm off to class and I have'nt flunked since.

    So in other words...get up earlier.

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    At 8 a.m. the day is half over.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    At 8 a.m. the day is half over.

    amen...i was excited the other day because i got to sleep in til 6:30am

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsd67
    amen...i was excited the other day because i got to sleep in til 6:30am

    Woah are you serious? I guess im lucky to be working from 12-6

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsd67
    amen...i was excited the other day because i got to sleep in til 6:30am
    I have days like that..... if the kids let me sleep till 6am I'm thrilled.

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    class from 7:30 to 4:30 on Mondays and still do morning cardio. if i dont get enough sleep then I take a nap during my hour break. if you have time after your class for cardio you might at least consider doing that.

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