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    Need help with how many cals while on

    I am not asking what exactly to eat, I am pretty good with this. I need to get an idea of how many calories I should run with this gear, My goal is to keep any fat gain to minimum. I want to gain as much lean muscle as possible. Im 5'10 197 between 7-9%bf. I have run 3 previous cycles low dose and not much of a stack. this time I am planning this as my my last cycle as I do not want to get much bigger. This time around it goes like this

    1-5 prop 150 eod while I was dieting. Next week starts gaining
    6-16 500mg enth
    6-16 400mg eq
    6-10 either 25 or 50 mg ed dbol havent decided
    Also thinking about growth 2-3 iu for 120 days so that gains I make are kept better and I have read it helps with scarring which I have bad from a tren cycle but not sure because I am only 23.
    .25 mg letro ed or maybe eod

    I think the dosage on the gear should be high enough(could be wrong). I was going to eat something like 320 protien, 300 carbs, and around 60 fat. But I am not sure this will be enough to promote gains with the cycle I am taking. All advice would be great on how many calories I should start out eating to gain while gaining little if any fat.

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    lol im not telling :D
    read stickies and use the harrison spread sheet.

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    Does harrison pertain to being on? Ive used it for awhile but that was while off. The stickies are good I used mikes as a basis always but I am not sure if that is while on or off. The concept of how much to eat is only a problem while on for me, I do not know how much extra I really need, any ideas on how much I would need to up cals while on this cycle?

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    Adjust the amounts you initially arrive at as the weeks pass by and you assess your results. No one is going to know the answer to this.


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