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Thread: Weight gaining

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    Exclamation Weight gaining

    I was wondering how I could gain weight, because I never can. And what is the deal with cottage cheese? Is it a good weight gainer? What other foods are good for gaining?

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    Take your bodyweight and multiply by 20.....that will be your daily caloric intake (ex. 160lbs x 20 = 3200calories per day). Use the following ratios...50% calories from carbohydrates, 30% calories from protein and 20% calories from fat. Therefore 1600cals/carbs = 400grams/day, 960cals/pro = 240g/day and 640cals/fat = 70grams/day. Divide these into 6 evenly spaced meals. Try and get the majority of your calories from clean whole foods, but a good whey protein powder will help as well. Check out some of the previous posts in this forum using your search key. Good luck bro.

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    Write down everything you eat for 2 weeks, keeping track of calories and grams of carbs, protein, and fat. Note any change in your body weight. Increase that number by 25% and go from there. If you really want to put muscle on, take in 2g of protein for every lb of bodyweight. Take in no more than 10% of your calories from fat, the rest should be complex carbs.

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    yeah...i would have to go with what sb said.....
    but eating more that 6000 cals a day is a bust in the ass
    just drink alot of good protein to up your cals.....bigtime

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