Here are my stats:
20 yrs old
6 feet tall
165 lbs.
Not official but I’m pretty sure I am under or around 10% bf (I’ll have it checked soon)– 1.5 years ago I was around 7-8 %, but I’ve put on some weight (not much) since then

I’ve always been relatively thin due to my metabolism but I’m pretty soft in my mid-lower abdomen. I’ve tried to cut before, but ran into problems with school meal plans and such. Now I’m out for summer with nothing much to do except one morning class and maybe a part-time job. I’ll be buying my own food and cooking all my meals too, so that makes things simpler than before. I’ve read this message board for some time now and I feel like I have a decent grasp on things, however practicing diet is different than reading them…so I have a few questions. A rough estimate of my cutter is below, I’ve been at it for about 1.5 weeks now and I guess I’m on target. I’m at around 165 lbs. from 167 two weeks ago and I have noticed some areas starting to lean a bit. A similar diet was posted a few weeks ago and it seems to work pretty well, I just vary it a little.

Meal 1: (after cardio) 7 - 8 egg whites / Few slices of turkey breast / oat meal

Meal 2: Protein shake / almonds or peanuts

Meal 3: 1 Can tuna / Few Slices turkey breast (or Chic-breast) mixed in spinich (or just veggies) with olive oil

Meal 4: PWO -1:2 Protein : Dextrose - about 40:80g

Meal 5: PPWO - Chicken breast (or fish) / Brown rice (or Swt. Potato) / Veggies

Meal 6: Protein Shake with Flax

So for the questions…

I would like to limit the shakes and I like the natural peanut-butter I picked up at the store, but what is the best meal to eat this at? Can I put it at Meal 2 instead of the protein shake…and then what do I do with the nuts, does the peanut-butter count for the fat too?

I’m taking summer school at 9am every weekday and at first I was getting up around 7am to run. I really don’t enjoy running if I can help it, I prefer walking at a steep grade on the treadmill or cycling or anything else really. Problem with that is my college’s gym doesn’t open until noon during the summer, so on weekdays it almost leaves me having to do cardio when I wake up at 7…and that means running around campus. Ideally I should suck it up, wake up early, and just run, but if there is any way I can get out of it I will. How bad is it to eat something small to hold me over until I get out of class and the gym opens? Any suggestions would be great….but I know I’ll probably end up biting the bullet and just running…
How necessary is the afternoon work out. I’ll do it when I can but probably not every day. Is that going to hurt me? I’m not too concerned with being large….more like trim/cut.

Also curious, how much of a difference is there between something like Isopure and other more generic protein mixes…I saw some obvious things but just in general?

Other than that, everything is going pretty well. Thanks for all of your help.