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    I'm calculating my kcals on fitday and I have some questions

    1. Turkey, fryer-roasters, breast, meat only, raw - I chosse this because I had a turhey breast which I grilled on my grill, so I thought raw would be the best option to put since all the have is fried, cooked etc.? Also what does fryer-roasters mean?

    2. Is this right : Turkey, fryer-roasters, breast, meat only, raw - so 1 breast has cals 866, 5 (fat), o (carb), 192 (prot)? Sounds a bit much but then again I never paid attention to kcal before...

    3. Can someone please give me macros on peanuts, not roasted, not salted, just shelled, how many kcals in each (and how much protein, fat and carbs). And specify how many coz there are 2 penuts in the shell....

    Thanks for the help in advance bros...

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    not sure about the fryers thing but theres no way what you can eat has that much protein in it. 2 chicken breasts weighing approx 350g has only 80g protein in and thats a good amount of chicken.

    try out -

    has better food options and is more accurate apparently.

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