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    Hardgainer needs help!

    I started liftin at the age of 25 yrs old, I was so got damned skinny I weighed no more than 122lbs at 6’2” (I have a light frame)
    Anyway I managed to reach 167 lbs now that I am 31 yrs old but my BF is 19% -20%.I am a hardgainer (It’s so difficult for me to gain lean mass..) but I also put on some fat in my belly.i wanna gain 15 lbs more but with no fat if possible.What do u propose me? What sort of diet should I follow? Whenever I tried to eat clean I noticed low energy and a loss of muscles too…Should I eat carbs moderate and increase my protein intake a lot higher?Any tips?

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    If you are 20% bodyfat I would suggest cutting before bulking.... it is possible to gain a little bit of lean mass while cutting down but that should be your first goal before trying to get any bigger.

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    Dieting to get your body fat under 10% at this time would be a mistake..
    If your having that hard of a time gaining especially. I would change your diet to high protein, moderate carbs and low fat diet. Keep your calories up around 2500-3000 ... its hard to say because I dont know you.. Is your job very active ?? I would need to know how many calories your burning already to give a intake amount really ... but lets say you work at a desk ... 2500-3000 would be sufficient to help you gain muscle and lose body fat.. your training should be every other day .. just with weights.. cardio would be maybe once or twice a week... and i would make it an activity not a workout session..

    very dificult to answer across the board solution pal.. I would suggest checking out a personal trainer for a few months to get you on track... Find one that really knows the business and has a real interest in your progress... if they are soley absorbed in just themselves and making money you probably won't make any progress...

    good luck


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    Gaining 15lbs with no fat is impossible feat to say the least.....I am a classic ectomorph....small frame small bone 18y/o I was 5'7" at age 38 I'm 185lbs about 16% BF......

    Gaining weight the right way takes time my man and time is all you tons of food high carbs will pack weight on right before bed time

    quick bulk diet

    6-8 egg whites with Oatmeal

    chicken (dark meat is OK) or steak or turkey burger patties with white rice or baked potatoe

    pasta /kidney beans

    Chicken/Steak or pork chops....trim the fat off though
    tbl spoon of flax seed oil

    Protein shake w/ flax

    Left over dinner Flank steak/chicken with potatoe or rice

    3am.....if you wake up to take a the frig and drink a protein shake

    wake up and start the madness over again and again and again

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    At 6'2 167lbs I don't think you should worry about cutting at all--I agree with what Pump 30 and MarkyMark said

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