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    saturated fat for a cheat day?

    I am currently bulking and eating SUPER clean monday through Saturday with cardio and about 3500 calories. Seperating all carbs and fat, the only fats I get through the week are 3 TBS. flax and 12 fish oil caps and a little saturated in the servings of whey. I am getting roughly 300 protein, 300 carbs and around 65 good fats and I am 182 and 6 foot. I want to use Sunday and eat NO CARBS and eat things like cheese,lean stek and eggs all day, about 3000 calories worth since it is a rest day. Will this be more detrimental that having a "carb load day of fat free carbs wihtout sugar? Thanks for the ear.

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    uh imo a cheat day is a cheat day. id rather eat up carbs than lard

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    Scotty, beam me up
    hum thats not realy a cheat day bro

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