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Thread: Question!!

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    Cheat day should be done 1 day every week or 1 day every two weeks?
    what you guys do? opinion on it?
    Im Trying to cut

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    I suggest that the day off should be every week. This " Cheat Day " should not be a overboard attempt to eat an entire box of See's candies nor woofing down large amounts of anything. It should handle all your cravings and should be done with some moderation. I have told me clients to make a cheat day menu. This gave them something to do during the week as well as plan the very days meals.. They could consider on a daily basis what foods they "really" wanted. This also got them thinking in moderation..
    They wouldnt say " I will eat as my snack a box of Sees candy .. They may say I will have bacon, eggs and pancakes for breakfast, a chilly dog with fries for lunch and pizza for dinner...

    If this day is planned for the most part it will make that day very rewarding and eventful...

    Good Luck ... awaiting others shout outs...


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