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    my diet and workout please critique

    this is my story

    i lost 98lbs form march 1 2004 to about october. this is the F**ked part about my weight loss i lost muscle along with it. i had a 40 size waist at the time im 6'2'' my bmi is suppose to be 190lb i decided to lose the weight and i did. i went down to 172lb and i looked almost sick. so i decided to get some good size. btw thanks to ar i realized what the hell i was doing.

    this is my diet
    meal 1: 7:30am 1/2 cup of all natural oats, 1 tbls of brown sugar


    meal 2: 10:00am pwo 50 grams protein shake, 1/2 natural oats,1 cup cooked brown rice

    meal 3: 12:30 1/4 chicken steamed veggies

    meal 4: 3:30pm 1/4 chicken steamed veggies

    snack:6:00pm 4 boiled egg whites

    meal 5: 7:00pm chicken, meat or fish

    9:00 pm protein shake 50 grams protein

    supplements im taking is glutamine 5 gr with each shake, whey protein, multi vitamin,
    my shake is mixed with 1 tablespoon of flax and sometimes 1 tbls natural peanut butter

    my workout 5 days a week 1 body part per week large body parts 16 sets small about 12. cardio is 15 minutes before weight training at 70%mhr and also 40 minutes after weight training i burn about 1000 cal every day
    i cannot split up cardio and wieght training. i also swim 3 days per week for one hour after work

    my goals are to get good gains trying not to bulk but if i have to i will

    any info is greatly appreciated thanks

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    read the stickies... you are not getting nearly enough cal and fat. I didn't break it down, but it is quite clear... again, read the stickies and formulate from there.

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    long island ny
    yo know what i didnt even calculate the calories, fat,protein that iam suppose to consume i just thought of that thanks

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