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    clean bulking on sust + deca cycle

    i am currently clean bulking on a sut and deca cycle and also trying to get some abs.

    My daily average diet goes something like this :

    Meal 1
    6-8 Scrambled Eggs,
    Weight gainer shake

    Meal 2
    sausage + Bacon sandwitchs
    new potatos

    Meal 3
    New Potatoes
    weight gainer shake

    Meal 4
    full tub of cottage cheese

    meal 5
    PWO Shake
    2 Bannanas

    Meal 6

    thats my diet for today and its pritty similar to that every day, i dont eat any chocolate or crisps, junk food or shit. I eat KFC when i can tho

    i also eat steak every day, sometimes twice, i know i should have 8 meals a day but if only just got arround eating this much, its a progression, but do you think my diest in check ?

    I counted ruffly 220-260g protein today. I also eat about 4 bannanas every day throughout the day, sometimes even 6

    need some help with my diet guys

    help is much appreciated


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    No offense but you asked, your diet sucks! I'm on week 3 of a Sust/Deca cycle myself and am also bulking a bit. Check out the threads at the top of this forum on bulking, lean muscle mass, etc. You will learn alot and it will help you achieve your goals better. PS...I also love KFC, but as much as it sucks to do, peel off the skin and just eat the 4 or so breasts without the skin.

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