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    adjusted macro amounts for AAS use....

    okay, as most know, testosterone therapy /AAS usage is proven to increase protein, i've read a few studies that have measured things like fractional synthesis rates and how much they increase with certain doses of, for example, testosterone enanthate my question is this...if, let's say, one were to follow a protocol of 1.25g of protein per lb. bodyweight, would it be logical to draw a direct correlation between a 27% mean increase is FSR in a particular study to a 27% increase in dietary protein intake for an individual using AS? forgive me if there is an obvious answer to this, i've just always heard that one should increase protein intake while on cycle, but was curious to find out if there was a quantitative way to measure just how much...or is it splitting hairs? thanks


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    I think that is a hard question to answere. Theoreticaly such a small amount of the protein we eat realy do turn into muscle. So there is probably other advantages with high protein diets that makes it anabolic .

    Maby the 27% increase in protein synthesis just means the body utilise the protein its already getting in a better way without a real "need" for more.

    Even if only 50grams of protein each day(im guessing only 1/6 or 1/8 of the protein we here consume) turned into muscle we would gain 18kg(over 40ibs)of muscle each year. But maby for short periods of time such rapid buildupp can occur.

    Well this didnt realy help. just throwing out some ideas. Dont know fully how protein synthesis works even. But Im guessing there is a whole lot to anabolic(muscle tissue specific) processes except protein synthesis??

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