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    Crystal Light Question

    This week I started mixing up Crystal Light to help with my water intake. I currently drink 1 gallon straight water and 1 gallon crystal light. However, I noticed on the ingredients of the raspberry ice flavor that the #1 ingredient is maltodextrin (from corn). This got me concerned because earlier in the week I asked about corn and was told it contained too much simple sugar. Also isn't maltodexrin a sugar? The label reads zero fat and zero carbs. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Also, the lemon flavor does not contain maltodextrin. I hope it's a good substitute because I need a break from Diet Pepsi for a while.

    Thanks everyone

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    Yep malto is a sugar, can't help ya coz I never drank crystal light, so here's a bump for ya

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    It must have such a trace amount that they don't even have to put it on the nutrition label, I wouldn't worry, I drink that stuff like its my job.

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