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    Tysons Chicken at the grocery store-thumbs up!

    Not sure if its new or not, but in the frozen food section Tysons has started to distribute "Fajita Chicken Strips".

    These come in a 20ounce bag fully cooked ready to be microwaved and eaten. Just get out as much or little as you need - resealable bag. They come fully seasoned and make a great meal in quick time. Price was $7.99 at Walmart, seen it for $8/$9 at the Albertsons.

    Ok now for the good part!

    Protein: 17g
    Carbs: 1g
    Total fat: 4g

    In any regards, just giving you brothers some different ideas that I come across and I thought this one would be good to share as I have found it very easy to prepare or package meals up in advance to take on the go using this chicken.

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    Cool, I may have to try that kind soon.

    I am getting tired of the regular bagged breasts, even the regular tenders, they just
    get nasty after too long.


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