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    YOU'll pleased to hear that SKIP LA COUR uses 3000 mg of vit C after each workout!

    Free radicals are produced during intense exercise and the normal metabolic process. Free radicals are harmful to the body because they create unstable molecules that damage DNA, cell membranes, and other parts of the cell.

    One supplementation strategy recommended to me by Paul Delia that I adopted early in my bodybuilding career was to take antioxidants immediately after my workouts.

    Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene are the antioxidants that neutralize the negative effects of free radicals. I take 3,000 mg. of Vitamin C, 800 i.u. of Vitamin E, and 50,000 i.u. of Beta Carotene.

    This is not only a great supplementation strategy for your bodybuilding and recovery efforts�but for your overall good health as well.

    by Skip La Cour

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    hes a clever man The vitamin e and beta caroten I will add to when I can afford them. Thats like the ultimate anti oxidant combination.

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