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Thread: Diet Help

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    Diet Help

    Hi there guys im new to to this site and im needing some help with my diet. Im using LA MUSCLE NORATEEN (ANABOLIC GROWTH TABLETS) i wanting info and help on my diet,iv been wantin to do a proper diet for months but i dont know the following,
    how many....

    carbs to take per day
    calories to take in per day

    AND ALL THE OTHER BASICS in food intakes i shud be eating.
    also looking for tasty easy meals and breakfasts to knock up.

    im taking 3 LA WHEY shakes a day when takeing the tablets which i do have to say works really well and feel pupmed straight away.
    my approx protein intake is about 160-180grms a day

    im 19 years old
    approx 13 stone

    basicallly im trying to get rid of my love handles n the bit flab i have on my belly.

    hope you guys can cum up with some good suggestions


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    Start with the bulking sticky, try to make a diet, and we'll go from there!

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