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    jesus ive gained!

    hello, well im right in a test e cycle of 20weeks. During this time i have noticed something new, ive gainde weight, pretty much of it, now since fat never was an issue for me before i dont know what to do to loose it.

    i want to get lean and hard. What should i do? My diet now is a typical bulk diet, for starters should i stop my high calorie shakes and replace them with protein-glutamin shakes? also cardio, before or after training? and on off-days first thing in the morning right?

    Also rembember a couple of you discussing clenbuterol , it makes you pretty ripped right? is that a good option if i want to get lean?

    please help me guys

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    Check out the "how to cut" post atop the diet forum page, it's a good general guide to get you started.


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    I would train cardio in a seperate session.

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