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Thread: what tha..

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    what tha..

    alright man i need help....I thought i knew what I needed to eat but i guess not....I'm 6'4 and barely 205 pds...I want to get to 220-225.. what type of diet would i need to help me accomplish this...and how long do u think it would take for me to acheive it...thanks

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    _Tiger_ is offline Member
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    Go buy some good Weight Gainer powder..
    go a day eating your regular meals. count your'd be suprised how far under you are on eating the sh*tloads that you need to be eating
    eat a ton of carbs with protein, eat about 1.5 grams of protein per bodyweight.

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    I'd have to advise you stay away from "weight gain" powders which are usually nothing more than fat gain powders. (sugar) Only if after MONTHS and MONTHS of bulking using real food and the appropriate approach should you not gain ANYTHING, would you want to look at concentrated caloric powders. 99% of those who know wtf they are doing never need to use them.

    W/no diet to critique, it's hard to know where to begin. Read the "how to bulk" sample dietary approach atop the page, along with the other important post about what you'll need to present here to the board so that everyone can chime in and give you advice.

    Good luck!


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    alright man thanks

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