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Thread: the bulk sticky

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    the bulk sticky

    how to bulk up sticky.....
    can i follow those guidelines for a female aswell??
    or is there things i must change???

    Once i have calculated all calories need to be taken..... how do i know how much of it should be protien /carbs/and fats.

    and last question i see everyone write they have egg whites.
    do u guys boil eggs and just eat the whites...
    or is there something u can buy like a powder or something...

    thank u

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    Scotty, beam me up
    I think a good ratio betwen protein/carbs/fat when bulking is around 40/30/30 in energy %. If she gains fat easily then cut down on the carbs maby 10% and increase fats and protein by 5% each. Not set in stone but a decent guideline imo.

    Since the bulk stickys food consumption is based on harris benedict then it would be suitable for a woman to since a woman will get a lower kcal ammount to base the whole diet on.

    Many buy the egg whites on bottles. I just boil whole eggs and throw away the yolk. But egg isnt needed its just a easy protein source. A couple of whole eggs along with a few extra whites is a excelent pro/fat meal.

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    thx johan

    once ive worked out the calories i will post it with all the body weight and highet.
    just to see if its correct

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