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    Spacing Protein/Carb and Protein/Fat Meals

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a general rule for the spacing of carb/protein and a protein/fat meals.

    I was just wondering I eat a protein fat meal, then I am hungry shortly (say 25-40min later), can I eat a carb/protein meal? I am worried that I might cause too much of an insulin spike causing me to store the fat. Or vice versa - first eating a protein/carb meal, then eating a protein/fat meal.

    I would imagine that lower GI food would take longer for blood sugar levels to drop off, but would have less of an effect on the release of insulin. Whereas high GI foods would cause a larger insulin spike, but would effect blood sugar levels for a shorter time.

    Okay, with that rant over, does anyone have any idea how long someone should space out the protein/carb and protein/fat meals?


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    I've wondered the same thing...Bumppp

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    You should eat big enough meals so you are never hungry 25-40 mins. later.

    How long a spike lasts depends on what you eat, how much of it, and what you eat it with.


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    Blood sugar returns to normal at a little over 2 hours after a 50g low GI meal.

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