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    life can get random.. better to be ready

    Hey guys.. I have read about diets and gotten help with my own. (trying to keep on 4,200 cal/day) However, with my type of business and situations, sometimes I need to change up my routine. Could I please get some feedback on these items below to see which might be best for my 6’3’’ 165 pound frame, for a cycle (I am also using the same diet before and after the cycle). These are just some of the situation I have been in the last few months. Any info would really help. If you feel like helping out, it might be easiest to just copy and paste my post, then make a comment after each line??

    Protein Bars:
    Promax bar (290 cal, fat cal 60, sugar 23grams, carb 38grams, protein 20g)

    Cliff bar ( 240cal, 40fat cal , 20g sugar, 20g carb, 10g protein )

    Detour ( 310cal, 90fat cal , 12g sugar, 25g carb, 30g protein )

    Protein Shakes (gotta get all my calories in, but would rather not get a belly)
    -Whey Protein

    Restaurant meals:
    If you are out at a restaurant and must eat there, what would be the best idea of what to order from these typical type places:
    -Chinese restaurant (brown rice for starters)

    Random stuff:
    -Coffee (with a little sugar)
    -At a BBQ with hot dogs/hamburgers and white bread


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    6'3 165 Cycle i think you should put sum more muscle on before you think about cycling....idk i am still natural (other then a small experiment that i realizied i was doing completely wrong in under a week about a year ago i doubt that declares me as unnatural)and dont know too much...lil help from guessing u want to put on weight ....if u want to cut weight that would be kind of scary..check out the how to bulk sticky....couple of pointers i see coffee make it splenda or sum kind of sugar alternative if u need sugar otherwise man up and drink it black...bbq try and grab chicken or if a must a burger and hope its lean dont do it all the tiem...stay away from chinese greasy and horrific and prolly loaded with not that knowledgable about bulking but htose are some pointers def look at the sticky.......good luck

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    Alot of those things you mentioned are more than ok, as you can go to restaurant and find something that you can manage to make a decent meal. However those Portein bars have got to go. Loaded with fats and plenty of sugars. I haven't come across a bar yet that is nutritionaly sound. Even the low-carb bars are loaded with sugars. You are alos tall and lean and might be a hardgainer so you might be able to get away with alot more than me

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    I like the idea of a high caloric weight gain powder. Those help out tons. I'd also stay away from the bars, too. If you need a little pick me up carry some MRP's with you as well. They may not be as caloricly dense as the weigh gainers, but it will be enough to help you off until you are able to eat a whole food meal.

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    i go to chilis you can get chicken or fish or a steak i just tellem i want samon and veggies and they hook it up

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