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    Post my new diet, comments and suggestions pls

    im 6' , 172.7 lbs , and i calculate 2463cal per day to maintain and 1963 cal per day to loose
    im trying the 40-40-20
    i just been eating salad and mince for the last month so i dont really wana loose to many kilos, upto 5 max, just basically reintroducing my body to carbs
    b4 i go on a bulking diet in about a month or so.
    anyway here it is whatda think?

    8am pro/carb meal
    Protein Scoop (C)3 (P)23 (F)1.5 (Cal)109.52
    1/2cup trim (C)6.13 (P)4.38 (F)1.88 (Cal)58.04
    oats 30g (C)17 (P)3.8 (F)2.3 (Cal)109.9
    bananna medium (C)26.95 (P)1.29 (F)0.39 (Cal)46

    MEAL SUB-TOTAL (C)53.08 (P)32.47 (F)6.07 (Cal)323.46

    10am pro/fat meal
    beef mince &sauce 200g (C)9.3 (P)21 (F)10.8 (Cal)196.53

    MEAL SUB-TOTAL (C)9.3 (P)21 (F)10.8 (Cal)196.53

    12pm pro/carb meal
    rice 200g (C)52.6 (P)5.4 (F)0 (Cal)238
    chicken breast 200g (C)0 (P)46.18 (F)2.48 (Cal)220

    MEAL SUB-TOTAL (C)52.6 (P)51.58 (F)2.48 (Cal)458

    2pm pro/fat meal
    Protein Scoop (C)3 (P)23 (F)1.5 (Cal)109.52
    1 tblspn flax seed oil (C)0 (P)0 (F)13.6 (Cal)120

    MEAL SUB-TOTAL (C)3 (P)23 (F)15.1 (Cal)229.52


    6pm pro/carb meal
    100g steamed potato (C)21.55 (P)1.96 (F)0.10 (Cal)93.00
    200g steamed pumpkin (C)9.80 (P)1.44 (F)0.14 (Cal)40.00
    200g chicken breast (C)0 (P)46.18 (F)2.48 (Cal)220.00
    carrot steamed 50g (C)4.11 (P)0.38 (F)0.09 (Cal)18
    beans steamed 50g (C)3.94 (P)0.94 (F)0.14 (Cal)18

    MEAL SUB-TOTAL (C)39.4 (P)50.9 (F)2.95 (Cal)389

    7pm WORKOUT

    8pm pro/carb meal
    Protein Scoop (C)3 (P)23 (F)1.5 (Cal)109.52
    banana medium (C)26.95 (P)1.29 (F)0.39 (Cal)105
    kiwi fruit medium (C)11.14 (P)0.87 (F)0.4 (Cal)46

    MEAL SUB-TOTAL (C)41.09 (P)25.16 (F)2.29 (Cal)260.52

    ACTUAL TOTAL (C)198.47 (P)204.11 (F)39.69 (Cal)1857.03
    TARGET TOTAL (C)196.33 (P)196.33 (F)43.62 (Cal)1963

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