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    how many calories to grow?

    i am currently cycling with test cyp,test enth(750mgs/week) deca (400mgs)
    kick started cycle with 50mg dbol a day for 4 weeks, had 2weeks off dbol and going back on with a quick 100 tabs.
    question is how many calories do i need to take in a day to grow bigger and stronger?
    weight is 13st 14lbs
    height is about 5" 10
    body fat is 20% if scales are right
    i dont wanna put on any fat as i am trying to get it down.

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    bro, that all depends on your metabolism and maintence level which you need to figure out own your own.

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    could start at bw x 15 to see if your gaining, maintaining, or loosing. reassess after a few weeks. could look up the harris-benedict formula. really depends on the person and their body though.

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    it easy, figure out your resting metabolic rate, ( theres an equation , it is in the encyclopedia of body building) , eat more that that to gain and less to lose, take in consideration your excercise which burns calories.

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