Here is my bulking diet

im 180LB

Hey Jeff this is my full diet write up:
This is for putting on some mass

Meal One: 1cup 1/2 shredded PLAIN wheats
2 scoops of whey protien
4 egg whites
Total Protien: 58g Carbs:60g

Meal Two: Chicken Breast
1 cup of brown rice
2 cups of skim milk
1/2 veggies (green)
Total Protien 48g Carbs 60g

Meal Three: The Same As Meal Two

Meal Four: The Same as Meal Three

Meal Five: The same as meal four

PWO: 3 scoops of whey 60g of detrose

Then Meal six: Steak
60g of rice or potatoe

Then 2 scoops of whey for bed.

Total in take at end of day around 360-400carbs
360-390 protien